Foundation- a girls best friend (or worst enemy) 

I’ve been using Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation for 2/3 years now. I’ve tried everything in the past from Dream Matt Mousse to Mac Studio Fix. Double wear is by far the lightest, least cakey, best coverage and best value for money of them all. For £28 I can purchase a 30ml bottle which can last me up to 6 months!! 

I vary the shades I use. Sometimes I opt for an everyday look that matches my skin tone (Fresco) and other days o use a darker/bolder ‘Pure Beige’. I find the coverage and all day stay in place fantastic. I still find that it is heavier than I would like although a great deal lighter than Mac which a studio foundation. 

So… I wanted to try a lighter foundation and I’ve seen some amazing reviews on Rimmel London’s BB Cream. 

So I’m now using ‘Matte’ spf15 in ‘light’. And I’m really impressed! For a cheap (£7.99) drugstore foundation, the coverage is brilliant. I wouldn’t wear it out to dinner or a party but as an everyday foundation Mon-Fri. It’s perfect! My skin feels and looks very natural. So far it seems quite buildable (although I haven’t played around with it too much yet).

For the price; I highly recommend this product.


Dr. PAW PAW original balm

Day 1 

I’m super fussy about what goes on my lips. So trying something new is a brave step for me. 

I suffer from dry lips in the winter and use Vaseline 5+ times a day to keep my lips hydrated. I have a horrible habit of biting my lips but if I have a product on them- I don’t 🙂

I read about Dr. PawPaw on another blog and have been meaning to give it a go for some time. It fell into my hands yesterday as if by magic so here’ goes…

I’m using the ‘original balm’ but it does come in other flavours/scents. This one doesn’t really have a smell to it. 

The balm comes in an ultra easy and simple squeeze tube. The bright yellow means that getting lost in your ‘Mary Poppins’ beauty bag is a no no. 

The tube contains 25ml which will last me a long time if I use it solely for my lips. However; The information on the front of the tube States “for lips, skin, hair and beauty finishing, cuticles and nails”. 

If I started using this product for all of the above, I think I would be out of it in a week or maybe just a little longer. I guess for an average price of  £6.95, it’s not a terribly small amount. 

I haven’t yet tried the product in my hair or on my skin/nails. I’m currently trying a natural oil on my skin and I have gel overlays on my nails so even if I do use it, I won’t notice and improvement (if there is one). I will use it on my cuticles and split ends and see what happens when I have the nails removed.


 I like that there are so few ingredients. That screams ‘natural’ to me. I’m a fan of 3/5 ingredients listed. The two others I’m not such a fan of. See if you can decide which ones I do and don’t like:

  • Petrolatum
  • Aloe barbadensis leaf juice
  • Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil
  • Carica papaya (fermented PAWPAW)
  • Potassium sorbate

Only time will tell how good this product is for me.

Keep your eyes peeled for more!!